Writing about life, the universe and everything

I know it is a quote taken liberally from The hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy but so what! The books are brilliant although confusing at times. If you find the books confusing I can recommend the audiobooks instead.

But that aside, welcome to my English language blog, where I’ll be writing about the subjects I find most interesting, and therefore – hopefully – content that may interest you. My interests spread widely and I cannot guarantee that you will find all my stories to your interest. But I’ll write them anyway, and hey! Maybe you’ll learn or experience something new as a result.

My background

I was born in the previous millenium in 1979, and grew up in the – by Danish standards – mid-sized town of Viborg, which I’m sure to be telling you more about in due course. I attended schools with distinction and left the town, never to settle there again (for now at least).

In the summer of 1999 I moved to England, more precisely Windsor (the one with the castle and the Queen), to take up a position at Legoland Windsor, where I spent the next 13 months sweeping paths, cleaning toilets, running rides and generally having the time of my life. I will definitely tell you more about this as well.

Back in Denmark after that it was 6 years at Aarhus University studying law, which ultimately led me to become a lawyer, specialising in various parts of Danish Law. Since 2016 I have had my own law firm, based in the East of Jutland but handling cases throughout Denmark.

I now live in Randers, with my wife and 3 children. 

My interests

I have a LOT of interests, which include – but are in no way limited to:

  • Science
  • Space exploration
  • Travel
  • Hiking
  • Reading books about history, science, science fiction, business, self-improvement, travel, hiking and fiction
    • Favorite writers include:
      • Peter Ackroyd
      • Jussi Adler-Olsen
      • Stephen E. Ambrose
      • Dan Brown
      • Bill Bryson
      • Tom Clancy
      • Arthur C. Clarke
      • Ken Follett
      • John Grisham
      • Terry Pratchett
      • J.K. Rowling
      • J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Writing books about law and fiction

Published works

Tidsfristforlængelse i entreprise (2010) – A law book about extension of time in construction in Danish law.

Lejeret (2012) – A law book about tenant’s rights in Danish law.

Teenagestatsministeren tager over (2020) – A fiction book about a 15-year old being elected as Prime Minister of Denmark.

At skylde penge (2021) – A short e-book about owing money and what the rules are.

Arveret for begyndere (2021) – An e-book about Danish inheritance law.